Winner’s Cube Prize Machine

Winner’s Cube Prize Machine

Winner’s Cube is a prize machine made by Andamiro. This insanely fun machine offers players a chance at winning one of the awesome prizes inside. This game can be enjoyed by players of all ages and is a great incoming generating amusement. Winner’s Cube is suitable for any establishment.

The objective of Winners’ Cube is remarkably simple. Players will be controlling the movement of a slim rod that is mounted onto a motorized mechanism with two buttons that control the horizontal and vertical movements of the rod. Once the button is released, the movement of the rod will stop at the location of the desired position. Players will have 20 seconds to plan, and position the rod so that it is aligned to an opening hole of the prize display. Once the rod is positioned successfully, the motorized mechanism will proceed to extend the rod into the hole where it will push a prize off the clear display shelf and drop the prize into the redemption basket.

Winner’s Cube Features:

  • Steel reinforced cabinet to protect the prizes inside
  • Simple game play
  • Prize cells adjustable to fit almost any sized prize
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Great eye catching design
  • Sure fire revenue booster for any establishment
  • Please contact East Coast Vending @ 610-543-1400 for more information.

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